From Okayama to Inbe

After trip of Okayama City or Kurashiki city, you have to go to INBE!

Use the trains, coordinate your trip simply and wide.

There are a lot of art museums in Okayama prefecture. Kurashiki city has Ohara museum and Kurashiki art crafts museum. Okayama city has Okayama City museum, Okayama Prefecture Museum of Art, Hayashibara Museum of Art, Yumeji Art Museum and Orient Museum.

You can simply by access to these museums that will use the train from Inbe station.

Way of the from Okayama Station to Inbe Station

Okayama St. 3or4 Platform Banshu Ako line


Start:Okayama → Higashi-Okayama → Oodara → Saidaiji → Oodomi → Oku → Osafune → Kagato → Goal:Inbe(580 Yen : 40minutes)

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This link "Imbe" is that place of bizen ware is "Inbe"